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As one of the best and most popular locksmith services in all of Westminster, one of our focus and specialty lies in automotive locksmith.
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Our house is what we consider our sanctuary. It is where we go home to after a long day’s work. It is where we share smiles .
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Westminster Commercial is a professional and high quality locksmith company that provides exemplary service at the most affordable prices..

Westminster Locksmith Residential

Your home’s doors and windows are the most important safety features of your residence. They do the important task of preventing unwanted entry and damage to your property, which can threaten the safety of your family and your investments. For that reason, there can never be too much stress on the importance of having reliable locks.

Locks also do the job of allowing you to safely and conveniently enter and exit your residence. That is why our Westminster locksmith residential services are aimed to make sure that all residences in this city will have satisfactory locks. Should your home need professionally installed locks or you need help in opening them, rest assured that our qualified specialists are here to help.

Unparalleled Experience

Our locksmith services have been around for many years. Our experience tells us that the most common calls we receive are lost or misplaced keys and defective locks. While our helpline tends to receive such calls repeatedly, we know that not all residences are the same and as the years roll by, residents adapt with the changing technology when it comes to security.

Our locksmiths are known to be residential security experts and their unparalleled knowledge in installing and resolving lockout scenarios is one of the reasons why we are the most referred locksmith company in this city. Nevertheless, we make sure that our skilled specialists will never encounter a lock that is too advanced for our equipment or skill. When it comes to opening and installing locks that is fit for your household, you can trust our master locksmiths.

Included in our wide range of residential locksmith Westminster services are the following:

  • Emergency Lock picking
  • Safe Lock System
  • Drawer and Cabinet Locks
  • Door Knob and Cylinder Lock Repair and Installation
  • Sliding Door and Patio Locks
  • Window Locks
  • All Kinds of Residential Rekeying (lost key replacement or key duplication)
  • Alarm and High Security Locks and Key Replacement

24/7 Service You Can Trust

Our services are available round-the-clock and year-round, and for any reason you need assistance from our skilled locksmiths, you can call our helpline to discuss what you need. Once you hang up the phone, we will send the nearest available professional locksmith to your location, who will arrive within 15 minutes.

As an established company, we make sure that you are getting the best and most honest service in the city. Apart from being expert locksmiths, we are known for giving the best quotes in Westminster, which will appear in your invoice. All our locksmiths arrive in a fully equipped van with our logo. This way, you are guaranteed that you are getting the right help at the right price.

We value your property and personal safety, and we know that we cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to your security. As locksmith jobs can be delicate and dangerous at times, we make sure that our skilled professionals are covered with full insurance. That gives you the peace of mind that we are accountable for any damages that a work may incur.

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  • Ignition Key
  • High Security Keys
  • Emergency Service
  • Re-Key Locks
  • Trunk and Lock
  • Electrical Systems